No response to AT commands; DWL win

I have a serious problem. I downloaded a .dwl file into my Fastrack Supreme. It is in an infinite loop, i cannot even type any AT command in the HyperTerminal. I tried to use the Terminal Emulator program but the Fastrack does not respond to any AT command even AT+WDWL. Please i need urgent help. I saw a post saying that i need to download DWLwin from the Wavecom Developers Area, i cannot find it. Please i need urgent help, the green and red LEDs of my Fastrack Supreme are flashing.


In this case, you must to re-download firmware for your FS using DWLwin program. You can get it at below link: … WIN%20(GSM/DWLWIN%20v4.1.6.13.exe
After login this page, you can download this program. This program just download .wpb file (instead of .dwl file), you can get this file from distributor.


I had the exactly same problem,
you can’t stop the aplication but a program can ,
i just made myself a small program (in java) which did nothing than to
send continously to a COM port at+wopen=0 ,
if u are fast enough ur device doesn’t get the chance to change
it’s baudradrate(if implemented) and not to run just a few of instructions ,
if it’s set to data mode u can use some standard commands to make it commute
to AT mode.

Goodbye ,

The trick is to put a delay at the start of your application so that you do have enough time to manually type AT+WOPEN=0 8)