OPC UA Data via Sierra RV50 with M2M


I am currently working on a project where I want to send and receive data from a PLC via a seperated network.
The data will be send with an OPC UA Connection.
Where the Phoenix (AXC1050) PLC is the OPC UA Server
And the Laptop with TIA Portal is the OPC UA Client.

Below a schematic:

But to receive data from the PLC in SCADA I have to fill in the IP Adress of the PLC. “UA Server discovery URL”
This has to be something like: opc.tcp://

My problem is that this won’t work because the Sierra RV50 with M2M Sim-Card is a different network than the Laptop with Tia portal on office-network.

Could someone please help me how I could “connect” Both networks so I can reach the IP from the Phoenix PLC to send data back and forward to the Laptop with TIA Portal.

This all is new to me, but do I maybe need to set a VPN connection and how could I do that?

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance!!

Kind regards,
Joost Merks

Extra info: I chose for this hardware because it works on solar panels so has to be energy efficient.

Hi jja.merks,

Does your sim have public IP?

If yes, please try to enable DMZ, then try to access address your_public_ip:48000 from your laptop.

If not, you need a server with public IP and follow the topic below to configure OpenVPN server.