RV 50 Beginner Setup



i want to connect from my PC to an Siemens 1200PLC VIA the RV50
But i dont now how to start.

I got 3 PLC System in one network connected with one Switch.
No i want to link the RV 50 to the switch.

Than i want to give the RV50 an IP adress for the local network.
And than i want to connect my pc over WWW to the RV50 in the local Network.

Anyone how can help me with a howto or something?
Thank You


Enable Port Forwarding.

Determine what TCP port numbers you will be talking to your PLCs on. Each PLC will need a unique port number so the traffic will forward to the proper one.
Create a port fowarding rule for each PLC.

Chapter 7 of the ALEOS Software Configuration User Guide has the details and examples.