SCADA for Water System


I’m trying to set up a Airlink RV50 Ravens at 2 sites. Each site will have a local PLC controling the station, a managed switch, and a Airlink RV50.

Site 1 is a ground water pump that will kick on when the level of the site 2 elevated storage tank falls below a set threshold.

I need the two Ravens to communicate to each other so the PLC at Site 1 can know the tank level at Site 2 and kick on a pump at Site 1 if necessary and for the PLC information to be displayed on a HMI at the control room (future Site 3).

Initially I’m simply wanting to get the two Ravens to ‘talk’ to each other before adding in the PLC, Switch, and HMI component (via modbus). The the Ravens are essentially being used to get the data that is at remote sites into the Verizon ‘cloud’ and used on the HMI at the control room (which will eventually have the 3rd RV50 at a later date).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would suggest setting up a test bench using these two programs:



Thanks Gary!

Is there a simple way through the ACEmanager to ping another RV50 with a static IP from Verizon (or other Cellular carrier)?

Go to Admin/Advanced/Ping