RV50 for SCADA Applications

This is a SCADA application. We want to use the RV50s to communication from multiple (20 RTUs) field RTUs in an unsolicated reporting mode using the DNP protocol back to a master station. We also need to poll the RTUs from the Master Station. The field RTUs only support RS-232 communications. Can you provide guidance in configuring the RV50?

Hi @Larry.Gelbien ,
I am attaching the Software configuration user guide for your question. Please refer to Modbus/BSAP Configuration section for more detail
Since the forum doesn’t support the file that is over 4M so I slit it. Please download these files->delete .z at the end of the file’s name-Right click on the first file (.001) then unzip them
Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick “Solution” if it is useful. It might help someone getting same question

41113547_ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.zip.001.z (4 MB) 41113547_ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.zip.005.z (2.7 MB) 41113547_ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.zip.004.z (4 MB) 41113547_ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.zip.003.z (4 MB) 41113547_ALEOS 4.13.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.zip.002.z (4 MB)

Hi Vianney,

The UDP Multiple Unicast for RS-232 may work for the application. We are using the protocol DNP for the 20 field RTUs not the Modbus protocol. The Modbus address list (page 306) wants a 2 digit index number followed by the IP address. The DNP protocol does not use an index number.

Is the index number and IP address just used for addressing purposes and is not included in the message? DNP is a two -way message flow.

Hi @Larry.Gelbien ,
RV50 just support Modbus so I don’t think it can communicate with the devices using DNP protocol. You may need a MODBUS/DNP3 Protocol Translator to make this topology works.

If your RTU (Orion, RTAC…) is connected to the same network as the modems and your end device (relay, recloser…) doesn’t have ethernet, you can still transmit DNP. TCP seems to work best for me, though I’ve used SNMP, TELNET, and UDP in the past.
Important parts are making sure the PORT on the RTU, Cell, Device are all the same. ex. Talks on TCP 20009.
Then in the Cell make sure speed is set correct to the device and the destination address is the one connected to the RTU.

There are a few other things, but hopefully this helps.

Much appreciate the information. We are still testing the Modus approach using UDP. I will be looking at your approach in more detail.
If okay , would like to circle back to you after we complete our testing .

Thanks again for the info.


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