OFF mode and Alarm mode

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I understand that OFF mode is not possible through only openAT as the module has to be activated through ON/OFF to get out from this.

But, on the other hand Alarm mode should be possible without external micro as I can control ON/OFF pin through any GPIO to activate the mode and RTC will wake the module up.

Am I right? Any experience about this?

Thanks all.

Hello [color=blue]raulav,

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean (and since there no other comment to this post, I assume no one else understands its either), could you provide us with more information of your application?


From what i read from the wavecom documantation you are right.

No luck understanding this neither… :open_mouth:


I think i did, and also i think he is right:

The OFF module just can be controlled with the ON/OFF pin, you can get the module into OFF mode but you won’t be able to wake it up from the internal application since it’s not running.

On the other hand, Alarm Mode will wake the module up even the ON/OFF pin is still low so you will get the control of the application again.

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so the +CALA command will wake up the module. In which documentation have you seen it?

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Hi tom,

It is described in the “AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_for_X51software.pdf” document which is installed into folder “OpenAT\V302\Documentation” in the Alarm Management section. (It should be also documented in earlier versions, I think this command has already been around for a while…)

However, I have noticed that the device sometimes didn’t wake up although it must have crossed the alarm time I had set… ( But maybe this was because I used it to wake up after an AT+CFUN=1 after AT+WDWL of the embbeded application from an automatic update tool - maybe the module just doesn’t like to be flashed and still react to its alarms… But it actually woke up most of the time, but not always :frowning: )

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Hi tom,

oooops. You are right. In this documentation it doesn’t say +CALA will wake up the module. So maybe…

  1. … the documentation is bad

  2. … it is really not guranteed that the module will wake up

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