Not getting ATCCLK? response


Hello All,

I am using Q2686 module with external controller. During idle time I am sending wavecom module in sleep mode using at+cpof command and logic low on ON/OFF pin of module.

To wake up module I am just enabling ON/OFF pin and wait for 15 sec. After that I am trying for AT+CCLK? command through controller to get current date and time, but I am not getting any response. where is wrong.
The RTC battery is connected to module .

Thaking you


Is it just AT+CCLK, or do you not get any response to any AT command?


Hello Awneil,

I am not getting response on other AT commnad also like AT+CSQ etc.



Hello Yogesh,
I do something similar with an external processor and a Q2686H, except that I completely deregister & power off for power consumption reasons.
When I resupply power, I then pull the power-on pin high and leave it there, check that AT commands are working, then issue the AT+CCLK? command.

Are your pins from the processor into the Q2686 less than (approximately) 4 volts? From my experience, the Q2686 doesn’t like higher voltages on the UART and manuals specifiy a 2.8 volt interface.

Is your Q2686 in full power mode (fast idle) , ie not in 32KHz low-power mode?

Related to the RTC, I have found that the Q2686 will not respond for a while if the RTC battery is completely flat, and you use the specified current-limiter value resistor. I changed the resistor to 680 ohm and the problem disappeared. I guess that also depends upon the battery impedance.



Have you tried using /RESET, instead ON//OFF? The sequence of reseting using ON//OFF is a bit more complicated.