+CALA in Open AT 2.1

After upgrading the entire dev environment and firmware to the new Open AT, AT+CALA seems to be broken (at least in my appl)
I subscribe to it, and set it to go off in the future, and the power-down the unit.
Then, when AT+CALA fires, it checks for stuff to do, and sets a new alarm, then goes to sleep again.

Unfortunately, with R71 it does not wake up anymore.

The release notes do state a known issue something about +CALA not working:

“When an alarm is set by AT+CALA to a date
different than the current date, the alarm
doesn’t occur.”

That kind of beats the purpose of the alarm, doesn’t it?
Anyway, I set the alarm only seconds or minutes after the current time.

In R6.62 the module woke up normally. Am I missing something here?

This new wavecom firmware is simply terrible news all over. I’m getting the idea that it will be much easier, a better learning curve and safer to just use some other brand now. We are currently finishing some products in a pre-production phase on 663b firmware. I was fine with this and though we can just stick with this configuration until the new firmware is sorted out. This morning I got an email from our suppliers that very very soon they will ONLY be selling G models with R71 firmware. Yai for G, Nai for R71… As far as I understand it, these modules will be useless to us since we can’t DOWNgrade them anymore to a known stable firmware release. We use quite an extensive amount of OpenAT to do http/html/AES etc and if this does not work on R71 as it is when they start selling only that we’re left with no options. None. Other than going to a different brand…

How can you release firmware with such severe bugs as “This very commonly used feature no longer works.” and think that at least documenting it will make your customers happy?

Sorry, just had to let it out a little.