Unnormal Reset



my Open AT application for the Q24400A works very well, but I have the problem, that some times the modul makes a reset, when it tries to send a sms. While the modul is restarting I receive the following over the uart:

"+CMTI: “SM”,1

+CMTI: “SM”,1

+CMTI: “SM”,1

+CMTI: “SM”,1

+CMTI: “SM”,1

+CMTI: “SM”,1

+WIND: 12
Software Version $VER: 0.24a
tProd.szSerialnumber 300963 0706 007
tLog.ulResetCounter 1015


Up from the text “ADL_INIT_POWER_ON”, the rest from the text is my debug print at the start of my software. But whats about “+WIND: 12”?? In manual I read only something about interrupt pin??




Hi Til,
Yes, “+WIND: 12” indicates that some interrupt has occured. However, it is not necessary that this indication comes only when the interrupt pin is given a low voltage.
In case, your applicaiton is performing some invalid operation which is causing it not to leave the CPU (of the Wavecom module), then in that case, the watchdog timer will reset. As the reset of watch dog timer will generate an interrupt, you receive a +WIND: 12 indication.
Please check out if some invalid operation (like infinite loop or invalid memory access) is being done in the applicaiton to find out the cause of the problem.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.