One more AT+CPOF problem

I have a curious problem. I have develop a bord for the modules Q26xx that apparently work very well.
Except for one detail: running a simple “AT + CPOF” (in ADL adl_atCmdCreate(…)) the module doesn’t go to alarm mode.
It’s work only when the RTS (serial_1) is physically grounded or the serial is connected to the computer.
I found nothing in manuals. Someone has an idea?

Excuse my English.

Hi grabarski,
As I know about Power off the WCPU is:
" you must reset the ON/OFF signal and then send the AT+CPOF command to deregister from the network and switch off the WCPU"

You mean reset the ON/~OFF pin physically? Like put the ON/~OFF to ground or open?
Or would update the state that the OS “recorded” the pin?

Thank you for your reply.


Yes, you must reset ON/OFF pin physically, put ON/OFF pin to ground.

Yes, this procedure was already used to place the ON / OFF ~ to ground.

And is necessary also to put the RST SERIAL1 to ground. What happens is that sometimes the module not sleep, thus breaking a routine periodic readings.