Monitoring On/~OFF signal



Is there anyway to monitor the ON/~OFF signal pin? I’m using Q2687 airprime module.



On/~Off is an input pin used to turn the modem on or off (Alarm mode). You must provide the signal, it is not provided by the module.


Why do you want to do this :question:

What do you hope to achieve by it :question:

If we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can suggest appropriate ways to reach that goal…


Hi there,

I’ve got another micro controller that controls the On/~OFF pin.
The module seems like waiting for the AT_CPOF command and then check the On/~OFF pin, then if the pin is low and turn off the module.

I want to monitor the On/~OFF pin so I can turn my Q26 module off when it’s low.



Yes, that is the behaviour as described in the Product Technical Specification (PTS) - that is how it works!


Hi there,

I know I have to use AT+CPOF command to switch OFF my module.

My question is am I be able to check the ON/~OFF pin in my software? So I can write AT+CPOF command to switch off my module. The current behaviour seems like the module checks the ON/~OFF pin internally. If I couldn’t detect that pin then I might need to use another GPIO to indicate my module to turn off.



Or send some commands over a suitable communication interface…