Can you read the ON/OFF line?

I’m working on a Q2687RD design that has an LCD display and keypad as a user interface and no host controller.

The On/~Off line is connected to a key on the keypad that is pressed by the user to power the module up. The key has no other functions or connection (just like in the PTS).

To turn the device off the user has to navigate the menu system and select Power Off. This is workable, but it would be nicer if they could just press the On/Off button again. I could add some more hardware so that the same key switches a gpio, but I’d rather not.

So my question is this (and I know it’s a long shot, but someone may know of a hack!): Is there any way to read the On/~Off line like it is a gpio?


Not sure I am the right person to answer this, please correct me if I am wrong.

On PTS, ON/~OFF pin with I/O direction as “I”, so unlikely we can “read” from it.
Perhaps you can try other pins if you want to check the device status, e.g. those pin on UART or VCC?