SL8082T turn off problem


I have a SL8082T all in one unit.

I have two questions regarding turn it off

About the POWER_ON_N pin. It says on the AirPrime SL808x Product Technical Specification & Customer Design Guidelines 5.2. Power ON/OFF Signal (POWER_ON_N), "Digital input with internal pull up,Signal driven only by open-drain output from the host. " If it is internal pull up, it should be high when power up. However, when power up, this pin is always low.

Anybody know how to control this pin in order to turn the unit off.

when I send AT+CPOF=1, why does the unit restart after about 1 mins.



According to PTS,tim e duration when the unit is booting up and reach device ready state(power up),POWER_ON_N is low .
When the device state is OFF and during the power OFF sequenec ,POWER_ON_N should be low.Refer to the POWER_ON_N signal timing diagram (Figure 5-1).

SYSTEM_RESET_N pin can be monitored for the same.This pin is for resetting the module.(refer to the figur 5-1 )in SL808X PTS.



For the second problem,i.e. module restarts after 1 min on ssuing AT+CPOF.

Please check at your end that ON/OFF pin is LOW or HIGH.

ON/OF pin should be low for low power consumption mode when using AT+CPOF command.

Noticed the topic and I’m pondering over the same matter. How do you succeed to send the command AT+CPOF while powering off SL808xT (after pulling up POWER_ON_N as described in Figure 26. under section The control inputs are disabled after POWER_ON_N pulled up.

In other word,what is the correct/best way to power off SL808xT? I’ve a PCB that is upgraded to use SL808xT -series instead of SL6087 and this is the last issue I need to fix while porting the code (I only use AT command interface). Unfortunately SYSTEM_RESET_N is not connected thus I’m not able to monitor/control it. POWER_ON_N and VCC (VBATT in secion is controllable.