Wismo228 : Unable to power Off


Hi !

I have a wismo228 (on custom board) which is power ON on board start. I can communicate with it.
I would like to power OFF the wismo some times after.

The Reset pin is not connected.
Before power OFF, the On/Off signal is high.

So I tried power Off using “AT+CPOF” command (which send me “OK”, and I can’t communicate with it after this command), and to hold On/Off pin low during 5.5s.
On these both cases, I always have the Reset pin at high level, and the VCC_2V8 at high level.
On page 63 (wismo228 PTS rev6) there is a diagram which show a low level on VCC_2V8 pin and Reset pin after power Off.
Where is my problem ?? :confused:

The consumption on my board is about 14mA after “poweroff”


Problem resolved. There was a problem with the wismo i used.
I change it and it’s ok now.