Octave User management

The octave “usage” page is accessable only by admin with read/write previlege to billing information. Is there anyway to have a user group who can access to every function of Octave, including usage info, other than billing info?

Hello James,

Have you tried setting up a group that looks like this?

Yes. That’s what I setup. But the user still couldn’t get any information from the DEPLOY&MONITOR/Usage page.

Hello James,

When I tested this, I did the following:

  1. Created the “all but billing” group in an Octave account
  2. I invited a non-existing user to the 'all but billing" group
  3. The user accepted the invitation. (this was just a test gmail user account I created)
  4. The user logged into Octave and could not see billing page, but could see the usage page as desired.

Some notes:

On the chrome browser, I was concurrently logged into Octave as a super user in one tab and in another tab as the new user I created. I had some issues with the super user accessing the billing page, and the new user accessing the usage page. So, I logged off the new user account and logged that user on via IE explorer and that user could not access the billing and could access usage page as desired.

Could you have your limited access user try the following:
Log into Octave on another browser as the limited user and test and
Log into Octave with the normal browser they use in a private page and test.

I am still exploring the issues I had to determine the root cause.

Thanks for you help.

Hi, David,
I created two new email accounts. But both of them couldn’t login to octave account after account sign up. I changed password several times, but the problem still persist. Is there something wrong with Octave system or I missed somthing?


I invited a colleague, who never had octave account before, to join. He was able to login to Octave successfully. However his DEPLOY&MONITOR/Usage page is blank. And Details/“Message generated” CALCULATE button have no function either. Same result from both Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Win10).

Hi James,

I am entering JIRA issues to our product group