General web browser problem -


We’ve noticed that we get a blank screen when trying to use

This appears to be related to either logging in with a different user or a change to the website over time.

Using a different browser or incognito mode works around the problem

Hi @johnofleek ! It can be a problem with SW SSO, did you try to clear your cache ? (History -> Clear browsing data )
If it still doesn’t work, can you tell me if you got an error in the network feed of the console. (Ctrl+Shift+I -> Network), thanks for the feedback !

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Hi nvelay

I don’t much fancy clearing my cookie data :grinning: - This is the error using Chrome

A colleague repeated the issue using Mozilla - signing in as different users

Hi John,

I tried to reproduce this on IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. always redirects to and then the login page is displayed.

Hi David

The problem isn’t browser related it’s a general problem.

The problem occurs when using more than one user login on one browser. I’ve reproduced the problem on Chrome and Firefox.

The problem doesn’t occur if incogneto mode is used which makes me think the problem is related to cookies or something else that is saved from session to session.

Understood. I have seen the same issue and agree to cookies theory. If you open 2 tabs in same browser and as example, make changes on one device in one tab and another device in another tab, you will find that at some point, one tab will switch to the the device you were working on in the other tab.

Hi David

That could be related to the issue.

The blank screen is worse though as you can’t interact at all with the Octave web UI



Hi John,

I can’t reproduce the same exact issue, but will enter a JIRA ticket for the problem you describe.

The problem has either been fixed at the Octave cloud or something changed on my computer which fixed the issue