Octave web UI not auto updating 2020-03-26

The web UI is behaving differently today - I don’t know if this is connected with my recent Octave edge update to 2.1.4.

I was using chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I left the system for a while then did a screen grab

Then I hit the browser refresh

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi John, looks like the websocket in the web browser is broken. Nothing related to 2.1.4.
Does it happen randomly or permanent?

Hi Didier

Many thanks for the quick response

This seems to be permanent (at the moment 2020/03/27)

I just checked it three times this morning and it is behaving in the same as described in my previous post - not updating the “Recent events” or “Report boxes” until I hit the browser refresh

Which browser are you using?

Hi Didier

I was using Chrome.

The problem is fixed. Also the issue with switching user is fixed.

Many thanks