How to edit the default Octave Users Group permission

In the 'Note" of the Octave document Managing User Groups and Permissions, It mentioned, the “Users” group permissions can be edited. But I couldn’t find where to edit the permission. The Cloud Actions/Connectors/Edge Actions/Blueprints are always R/W enabled.


Hi James,

I entered a Jira ticket for the documentation.

Link = Managing User Groups and Permissions

Can I edit the Users Group permission? I wanted to disabled the Cloud Action & Edge Action R/W permission for some user as default. Is this possible?


Hi James,

Create a new group (example, limited users) and select the permissions you require.

Here is a group I created called users_limited:

I added the group to my user dave_judkins

Here is what limited user dave_judkins observes in Octave when selecting cloud actions or connectors. The user does not see or have access to cloud actions or connectors or billing. The users_limited group overrides the permissions in the default users group. Don’t forget to set the device, files, streams access in the new users_limited group

Somehow it looked different on my octave dashboard.
Default Users Group

created new group users_limited

assigned user to users_limited group

The setting in users_limited did not override the settings in the default users group. I tried with both Chrome and Edge browser. Wonder what I have missed.

Hi James,

Could you invite me to your Octave account?

Hi, David,

Just did. I invited you to the default Users group. Please let me know if you need other access.


Sorry James, Can you send the invite one more time?

Hi james,

Can you give me the first 6 letters of your Octave account name ?

Hi James,

I could reproduce the issue you are experiencing in your account. I will initiate a JIRA ticket to the product team… Could you leave my 2 users in your account for now? (david_judkins and dave_judkins). so I can walk them through the process? Thanks for your patience.