Octave message count reset time

Can anyone tell me when the Octave message count will be reset each month? Is it the midnight on the last day of the month GMT+0, GMT-7 (Vancouver time where SWIR HQ is located) or my local time?

Hi @jameshorng,
Following the official Octave page, messages will be billed according to where they are sent/received so It might be reset on your local time. Please get confirmation from your distributor on this. Also you may want to visit Pricing Model for more details
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How about adding/removing device from Octave? Should I add/remove device based on local time. My time zone is GMT+8. I hope I won’t get unexpected charge if I add/remove device based on local time.


My local time zone is GMT+8. Today is Apr/1 and I got the 1st message count for April after 8am today. So I believe, the monthly cut off time is based on GMT+0.

If my assumption was incorrect, please let me know.