Octave 3.0.2 bug - resource/counter/value after boot initial values corrupted

This is a guess - it appears that the counter “resource/counter/value” Legato application is running before the Legato application that services observations

In the following screen grab

  • The counter period is 5 seconds
  • the count 0? and 1 were never sent (5 to 10 seconds ?)
  • count 2 and 3 were sent at the same time - maybe in a queue? (maybe another few seconds after the above)
  • count 4 looks like it was ok - that’s 20 seconds after the counter started

Hello John

The counter does actually start before Octave services are all up and running thus the 0 & 1 missing. And there is no control on the Timer from Octave once it is running (except fo changing the period and disabling/enabling it)

This is why in 3.1 we are introducing custom Timers that can be started/reset whenever needed (https://docs.octave.dev/docs/timer-resources#using-the-timer)

With regards to “2 & 3”: if you look at the “Generated Date”, you will see that they differ by 5 seconds as expected. And “2, 3 and 4” were sent alltogether, this is why they have the same “CreationDate” (reception date in the Cloud Stream)

Additional note: as indicating during the monthly call, I have had confirmation that we will soon have a dedicated resource that switches to “True” when all Octave services are up and running. This will allow making it much easier to trigger “initialization” types of logics.


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