Octave edge 3.4.1 - observation on resource/timer/X/value multiple triggers on power on reset

I have been carrying out some basic testing and have observed some unexpected edge device behaviour.
The hardware is a /linkwave_technologies/devices/wp7702

  • There is an observation set on the timer value

  • Events from the observation trigger an edge action

  • The edge action writes to a virtual resource

  • The virtual resource has a cloud observation

On power on we see multiple (3x) events on the cloud stream


Any ideas?

Hi alibre,
You probably have declared your virtual resources in virtual/config. As a consequence their values are persisted on the flash and loaded automatically at boot. As you have cloud obs on them, it creates duplicated messages.
More info about Virtual Resources: Virtual Resources
To solve your issue, remove the Virtual Resources you have duplicate messages from virtual/config. They will automatically be created on the fly with your edge actions [vr://xxxx], and not persisted. You should not have those duplicate messages being sent to Cloud.
Kind regards,

Hi Nicolas

Many thanks for the information.

I retested using a volatile resource. One value is sent to the cloud stream following boot.

Creation data - boot timestamp
Monday, July 18, 2022 9:48:08.623 AM GMT+01:00 DST

Creation data - timer timestamp
Monday, July 18, 2022 9:48:08.434 AM GMT+01:00 DST

Why does the observation still trigger on boot - shouldn’t it wait until the the variable is created?

Many thanks


Hi John,
Can you please DM your device URL so I have a look at its configuration?