Octave 3.0.0-pre 23 - Blueprint io/config setting not working?


With the following kit

HW mangOH yellow
FW 3.0.0-pre23April2020-mangOH-0

Applying a Blueprint copied from a system which had the io/config set to configure UART1 didn’t apply the UART1 setting when deployed in a different companies edge device

The blueprint contains the following

Device is


Thanks is advance


Looking back at the log - I could see that the blueprint deploy operation had failed.

But the Octave web UI indicated that the blueprint was deployed.

Applying the blueprint a second time fixed the issue.

Hi John,

Was the blueprint source device and target device the same model and on the same firmware?

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Yes same device and FW
I think the problem was that the power failed part way through - the backend abandoned the update I think

Hi John, I will replicate and issue an engineering ticket. I will let you know my results