Octave FOTA & Save Bookmark error

I kept getting the following error message when I tried to save bookmark or doing FOTA on Octave. This happened on one FX30S on the field. Anyone know what is the cause and how can I solve this issue?

{“action”:“PUSH_CONFIGURATION_FAULT”,“details”:{“reason”:“lwm2m.write.failure [BAD_REQUEST [cloudInterface.dh.cfg]]”}}

your device embeds 3.3.1 and the blueprint that you tried to push has a length greater than 100kB (107340 bytes)
On 3.3.1, the maximum size of a blueprint is 100 kB, else such error is returned by the edge.

Octave supports a maximum Blueprint data size of 100,000 characters including comments and line feeds/carriage returns.

Source: Creating and Managing Blueprints

The supported size on edge side will be increased in 3.4.0

Thanks, Frederic.
I can successfully save blueprint after removing some EA.
However, is there any way to check the size of the blueprint so user will know if it is over the limit?