File transfer in ORP get error


I got error but i have no idea to solve it.
I have two files in my dasboard

and i want to get the file “file_test2.txt”

I use command:

  1. file control ready
  2. file control start file_test2.txt -a 482

then got the error like below:

and other condition is always sync when I sent command “file control start file_test3.txt -a 964”


Hi larry1
Can you provide the octave version embedded in your device ?
And the responses to the following commands:

  • legato version
  • cm info


Hi @fdur ,

Thanks for your reply,

My version info is like below:


Hi @fdur ,

do you have any idea ?

Hi @larry1
I reproduced the issue in 3.4.0 but it’s ok in 3.3.1
I’ll raise a ticket on our side in top priority

Hi @fdur ,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to know when can fix the issue?

By the way

Does it can downgrade from 3.4.0 to 3.3.1 by fota or other method?

The issue is under analysis but it’s planned to fix it in 3.4.1. The delivery date is not known.
To downgrade to 3.3.1, you can do by FOTA or locally after having downloaded 3.3.1 package
See more info in this page if you want to downgrade locally your device

Hi @fdur ,

Thanks for your reply.

Hope this can be fixed soon.

Hi @larry1 ,
3.4.1 is planned to be delivered in 2nd part of May

Hi @fdur ,

Thanks, When can I download in FOTA or in website ?

Hi @larry1 ,
as I indicated in my previous answer, the 3.4.1 release is planned to be delivered in 2nd part of May.
When 3.4.1 release is available, a notification will be made on Octave server UI.

Hi @fdur ,

Thanks, I got it.

Thanks for your help.