Octave mangoh yellow 3.1.0 FOTA fault unsupported protocol


Any ideas?

Does your device time is correct?

Hi Julien

I hope you are well - and a Happy New Year.

No - the edge time is incorrect - there is not much NITZ in the UK



Hi John,
This probably explains the FOTA failure, an incorrect date makes some certificates invalid.
Would you mind to set the correct date & time with

ntpd -dnq -p ntp.airvantage.net

check date is correct with

and then retry the FOTA operation ?

Hi Nicolas

The device is on a remote site - there is no way for me to access it via the shell

Is the Octave ntp service broken? or does the mangoh yellow 3.0.0 fw not have a Legato ntp client service?

Making NTP working is a recent addition to Legato, so I suspect it’s not working in the version you are running.

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Prior to a week or two ago Edge Device FOTA updates from Octave 3.0 to 3.1 were possible (even in the UK).

Now it is not possible to FOTA update Octave 3.0 WP7702 edge devices unless the edge device time is correct - this means a visit to site to manually set the time or manually update ( unless the network provides NITZ - not at all likely in the UK).

Why is edge time setting now required when it wasn’t before?

Maybe your device changed of visited network? I don’t know the state of NITZ in UK but some should support it?

No it’s not that - up until a few weeks ago FOTA worked every time we did an upgrade and we have FOTA upgraded all types of Octave product in the past 12 months without issues - WP7702, FX30S, FX30 , mangOH

We have seen the same thing in Spain, and two totally different locations in the UK - the UK locations very very very rarely roam onto a network which offers NITZ and I can’t ever remember any of the edge devices having correct OS time

the FOTa is done over HTTPS and a wrong device time result in a certificate error (certificate in the future) so it’s impossible to have FOTA working without a correct time

Hello John,
are you still having issue ?

3.0 supports NITZ so there should be no relation there, and no scpecific change with regards to FOTA/NITZ has been introduced on the platform side.

There have been some reported incidents in https://status.sierrawireless.com/ at the time you were reporting issues, that might have had impacts