How to send file from edge action to remote asset?


I have a question about file transfer from ORP to remote asset.

How to I do this I can’t find the document about ORP send files to remote device by RS232 to serial USB?

You can find the information on the online help.

Hi @djudkins ,

Thanks for your reply,

I already find the online help, but I can’t open “ORP and File Transfer Overview”.

And I find other help like Sending Files to your Asset

I want to do step 3, but I have no idea.
Can you help me how to do this? (My device is FX30s and use RS232 to usb)

Hello Larry,

I also got the 404 error, we will correct this ASAP., Thanks for this post!


You can get to the problematic link here:

Hi @djudkins ,

I study the link Octave Resource Protocol Reference Guide

but I still understand how to do it (Send file from Octave to Remote device: like ubuntu)

Does it have a sample to do this ?
Octave send to remote asset?

Hello Larry,

The send file is documented here

Here is a complete file transfer tutorial with sample code

If you wish to use the Octave APIs instead of the Octave UI, the API tutorial is here:

Hi @djudkins ,

Thanks for your reply, I already read these documents, and I also download GitHub - SierraWireless/octave-orp: Octave Resource Protocol

And I try to use the ORP to download file to my Ubuntu.

I want to download file from Octave and the file I upload by Octave dash board.
So I can see the file in /files/list, like below

How can I download the file to my Ubuntu?

I want to download the file to my PC. Please help me thanks…

Hi Larry,

Have you implemented the ORP file transfer code on your Ubunto?

This is a part of Step 3

and described in detail in the following link

and more specifically

Hi @djudkins ,

How should I do it and what API should I use Edge Action?

Like this ?

I can use it and create, add handler, get or set.

But it cannot download the file like below and the file path is “/data/le_fs/fileStream/files”:

So Can I download the file in the path?

Do you have any examples in edge action that I can refer to?

Q2. I have a question about file transfer?

Following the flow like below:

The first step is “SYN” and how do I send the command
“$ orp> sync syn XX”

How could I get file info with what command ?

If I want to get file size how do I get the value?

Q3. When I use “file control ready” and "file control start -a " and my file looks locked


Do I lose finished command for unlock file?

Hi Larry,

At this link you can a watch a video with step by step detail on how the file transfer from the Octave device to your asset works.

If you are still having issues after this, we can point you to resources who can implement this for you via a service contract

Hi @djudkins ,

Thanks for your reply.

I have looked the video and have some questions

How can I get sync packet

The document says every 5 sec will receive sync packets

But in my case I can’t see the information.

And sometimes I can’t get response.
So my question is “How could I check the client is connected to server in ORP?”