Octave file transfer through Ethernet

File download feature is added since FW 3.3.0. This is a fantastic feature to update customer asset’s FW through Octave. However, this feature is only supported through UART. Is there any plan to support file download through FX30 Ethernet?

Hi James,

This is something we can follow-up with you. Via SCP over the Ethernet interface, you should be able to retrieve the files locally downloaded to the Octave device.


May I know the path where the files are stored in FX30? Is there any protection of the file which will prevent us to SCP?

Hi James,

files are downloaded to /data/le_fs/fileStream/files
(Introduction to the File Transfer Service)

There is no specific protection on the files themselves. From Octave 3.4.0, SSH access can be remotely locked or controlled through keys (Securing Device Local Access)