Non signalling measurements


I’m trying to get some non signalling measurements of the network with a AR8552, basically just measuring signal strenght after specifying band and channel.

I tried to use the AT commands daftmact,dasband,daschan as described in the AT Commands interface specs, ver 14.0 but all my commands return an error. Does anybody have any ideas or can point me to the right documentation (the pdf states that these commands are aplicable to the AR8552, I guess it’s outdated?).



I do not know the AR very well but if they are anything like the MC’s they need to have their ‘level 2’ commands unlocked with the below command


After this they should respond correctly. I have attached a file (which I sent to a customer previously, hence the comments) showing an MC being taken into factory test mode and running the transmitter up against DCS 1800 (2G).


Factory test mode AT commands.txt (947 Bytes)