EM9191 AT - Test Mode - 5G NSA

Hello Community,

I prepare at the Moment any Test Setups for FCC and RED Integration Measurements.
For the Case of WCDMA, LTE and 5G SA, I was using the following AT-Commands:


It was running very well, but now I have no Idea, how I can select, configurate and Start a Test Setup with 5G NSA (EN-DC)

Have anyone a Example for me ?

Thanks a lot and Best Regards Mich

Hi @Michael.Wendler,

Please refer to the following test guide to see if it is helpful: EM91 Series - Production Test Guide


Good Morning @jerdung,

Thanks for the answer!
I know this document, but i have´nt found anything to this Topic.
Can you show me, whereis it?

It will be very well!

Thanks and Best Regards Mich