No such file or directory


Did someone get the same error ?
Im using eclipse 3.1 and openAT 4.10.10.

I’v put header files into different dir’s but the error is same.
Like if there is no header directory, or maybe some conflicts with existed files ?

Hi enad,

Try reinstalling the Open AT IDE completely.
You might opt to uninstall the previously installed IDE and delete the Open AT folder and then again install everything from scratch.

This is because, the problem might be linked with the settings of the IDE.

Also, check if you can use the Microsoft Visual Studio to compile the application. If this is the case, then the problem is linked to the Eclipse setting and not Open AT setting.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

I have made uninstall ( after some problems + registry clean ) and new install. Errors are the same + two new ones:

Problems part:



I wouldn’t worry about the errors here. The output is in the .dwl file(s) and it looks like that was successful!! Just try to load it into the module and try it…

Best Regards,

Hi Enad,

As you have got the .dwl file after the compilation, you can download the file in the Wireless CPU and then try executing it.
The compilation process simply checks for the string “error” or “warning” in the compilation log and indicates it as an error.

There is nothing much to worry about it.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

Thank you guys. I have removed some parts and set the new path for GCC and it’s working OK. Target is working fine.

@ openAT_fan – Best regards and thank you
@ jan – Ich danke Dir ( Schoennes Logo :slight_smile:)