No Sim Inserted on Sierra Aircard Watcher

Helo All,

Have a good day. I would like to get help from your all how to resolve this current problem. I’ve installed MC7304 on Lenovo X220T after #pin20 was tapped and running file. SIM Card was believe inserted correctly but and error “No Sim Inserted”. The sequences as below after Sierra Aircard Watcher started.

a. modem detected
b. searching … please wait …
c. no sim inserted.

Based on our telecommunication service provider, all our latest SIM already LTE ready.



Hi All,

Have a good day.

I really need some help from you all how to resolve my recent MC7304 errors where currently couldn’t get connect to internet after I’ve upgraded with latest firmware from sierra. prior to update, this MC7304 is working fine and could connect with full 4G LTE.

Kindly please find attached for kind perusal and reference. Actually I would like to get back “default” firmware for my MC7304.


MC7304-usb.txt (1.7 KB)