No perspective loading

I’m fairly new to this, please bare with me if I get some terms or facts wrong. I’m hoping you can help me with the following issue:

I have been trying to install developer Studio v 2.5.2 on my Windows 8 pro (64 bit) ; using the full offline Open AT application Framework installer.
The install goes smoothly but when the application is launched; none of the perspective loads. The form is just blank gray. I’m especially interested in the Target Management perspective to be able to see the traces from a device that uses the WMP100; but when I click on that nothing loads.

I’ve had the same version installed in my previous laptop and some of my work colleagues also have it installed in theirs and it operates without a problem.
We though it was a Java issue but installing the JDK-7 32-bit did not help. I even updated the Microsoft .NET framework to the latest 4.6.1 version but still.

Your help will be much appreciated. Please let me know if there is any detail you need from me. I have attached my computer’s system info and the “blank” page from the application.

Please can you have a look to that topic?

Maybe related…
If it doesn’t help, please zip and post here the .metadata.log file.