No carrier q2303a

I’m from Dominican Republic, buy a Modem WAVECOM Q2303A and whenever I try the same with an application made ​​in tell me the code AT + CSQ 99.99

Do not know how to put it to work, if they have the data sheet I would appreciate.

Greetings. :smiley:


Datasheets and AT commands guides are available for download from Sierra Wireless. Look under the resources tab.

First, do an


on your modem to get the firmware version so you can download the correct AT commands guide. For example, my modem here shows the following for ATI9:

"DWL","V08b0e  ","","Sierra Wireless",50240,"040809 16:29","7eaf685b","00010000"
"FW","FW_SRC_747_8_F6_1.Q2687G","R7.47.6.201212170952.FSU004","Sierra Wireless",2223904,"121712 09:52","b550ceec","00020000"


The bit you are looking for is the line that begins with FW. In my case, this modem is running firmware R7.47.6.

BTW, AT+CSQ is a standard GSM modem AT response code, not a Sierra Wireless specific code - so ant GSM modem command guide should be able to give you some ideas what this means.

Also, is Q2303 the correct modem identifier? I had a quick look of the resources and couldn’t find any info on that model.

Finally, you could also ask the distributor that you bought it from to give you some help getting is going…

ciao, Dave

Thanks for your prompt and caring response, AT commands investigare morning I mention to see the results.

This is the link to ebay where I bought the Modem.


Sorry for my english, i’m speack spanish only.



Hmm, Interesting.

I’ve had a bit of a look around the internet, and find lots of people selling these modems, but any links to documentation leads to obsolete Wavecom products.

The link you provided indicates that it uses the ‘Wavecom Q2303A’ module - but this is not listed in the Sierra Wireless archives. There are Q24 and Q26 series modules, but no Q23 series. I’ve also had a chat to my distributor here and he can’t recall a Wavecom Q2303 module either…

Can you please do an ATI9 command against your modem so we can see what’s inside it. Then we might be able to figure out what’s going on.

Another thought - does it have an IMEI printed on the back? What are the first 8 digits?

Also, Wavecom was taken over by Sierra Wireless some years ago, and all ‘new’ product has been branded ‘Sierra Wireless’ since shortly after the takeover…



MULTIBAND  900E 1800 

430d09gm.2C 1208564 012102 12:43



The code ATI9 presents nothing.


The code ATI5 present:

Q:0 V:1 S0:0
00 S2:043 S3:0
13 S4:010 S5:0
+CR:0 +CRC
:0 +CMEE:0 +CB
,1 &C:1 &D:2 %
+ICF:3,4 +IFC

Thanks for you help.


Thanks for the info.

I put the IMEI into this link, and it came back with the info that the module inside is a WIRELESS CPU Q24PL002 embedded module.

This is quite old, and is obsolete now … however, it gives us a chance to get some info. However, in my quick search of the developer site I can’t find any references to this module (Arrgggghh!).

I think that this module was used inside the M1206 modem - the hardware/getting started guide can be found here. If it’s not exactly the same it should give you some assistance with getting your modem going.

As for your original question, AT+CSQ is used to read signal strength and quality (with or without a SIM card). +CSQ=99,99 indicates that the signal strength is not available - have you got the antenna plugged in correctly, and are you in a good GSM signal area?

Finally - and this may be the show-stopper for you, I did a quick google search for what frequencies the GSM network uses in the Dominican Republic. I found that there is a 1900MHz network available - but the modem you have only goes GSM on 900MHz and 1800MHz. If this search info is correct, then the modem will NEVER connect to the network in your country. However, wikipedia indicates that you use 850/900/1800/1900MHz, so you may be OK. You will need to check this with what your local provider uses. Sigh.

Hopefully this helps you get on the air.

ciao, Dave

Thank you for your extensive explanation and dedication to help, I have proven with several network providers in the country and none work, I think I was scammed by the modem on the network, I’ll have to see how I get any economical that functions properly in the country.

Thanks for your time, I will continue to try and informs the results.


No problems.

Sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed.

ciao, Dave

Thanks for the assistance.

I could suggest a GPS Modem I operate well in the Dominican republic and that its cost is not too high.

I would appreciate your support as it is that I have a project in VB.NET programming for a system and need to send SMS.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Dominican Republic. :smiley:


I’ve just had a look at the Sierra Wireless site - have a look a the FX and GL series modems. Bot are reporting that they are Quad Band so should work in the Dominican Republic.

If you don’t want to use a programmable modem, it looks like the GL6100 (serial port) or the GL6110 (usb) would probably do the trick. Otherwise it’s going to be one of the FXT series.

The contact listed for purchase is:

Fastrack and GL Series Distributors in Dominican Republic
Richardson RFPD, Inc.

    Address: 40W267 Keslinger Road P.O. Box 307
    Postal Code: 60147-0307
    City: LaFox
    Province / State: IL
    Country: USA
    Phone Number: +1 630 208 2661
    Fax Number: +1 630 208 2662
    Contact Distributor: Click for contact form

Hope this helps.

ciao, Dave

If thanks saw 2 similar models to see which of the 2 buy, not well what is the difference is the: GL6110_110164 and GL6110_110145

Apparently as I suggest this if it would work in my country.

I’ll buy, I thank you for your kind and sertera help.

Greetings from Dominican Republic.