Help with Wavecom modems - Differences - I am really new to this


I want to buy a 8 port GSM modem and on aliepexress I see they are using different modems from Wavecom. But I can’t find any information about these modems.

I just have this information:

Q2406 dual band 900/1800Mhz,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q3106A dual band 900/1800Mhz,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q24plus quad-band,supports support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q2686 quad-band,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q2687 EDGE,more fast in date transfer,support SMS,MMS,FAX,WEB,TCP/IP,OPEN AT
Q2303 SMS

So my question is now which one I should select. I only need to receive SMS and to do calls. Not more. And do you know which one of them only support GSM, so no GPRS? I think its “Q2303”, right? Because it only support SMS and no MMS. And I think for MMS GPRS is needed. Right?

And ist the Q2303 good? I just need to receive sms and do sometimes 10 seconds verification calls.

Hi @rkqkyb9j,

Because Q2303 device is not available on Sierra source.
In this case, for the best support, please contact your nearest distributor.

Or, you can refer to other products at the following link: