Detecting Wavecom model

Hi, I’m new here. Not sure whether this is the appropriate forum for this question but couldn’t find anything else better. My question is how can I find the exact model used in a GSM modem? The modem is rebranded local one and I found it is a wavecom by issuing the +CGMI command. The +CGMR returns “641b09gg.Q2403A 1320676 061804 14:38”. +WHWV returns “Hardware Version 4.04”. +WDOP returns “Production Date (W/Y): 25/2002”.

Is there any way to find the exact model/family this modem belongs to? Is there any AT command for this?

I’m actually looking for the optimal +CNMI setting. I’ve faced problem in sending SMS through this modem using Kannel. If there is one or two messages, its fine. But when the number of messages are large, after sending say 100, the modem starts returning error code 513 and 515 and then aborting the message send. According to AT Command manual, the codes indicate either signal problem, or trying to send message while receiving a message from smsc. I would like to find out what I can do about it and guess I should at first identify the exact family this modem belongs to.

Thanks in advance.

it’s a Q2403A running OS version 641b09. (also in the at-manual)

Thank you for your reply. I couldn’t find this explanation in the at manual. Only thing that the manual said about the +CGMR is that the first part is software release version, revision number and generated date. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place. Anyway thanks a lot :smiley:

On my question on the actual problem I am facing, should I post it in a separate topic? Could you point me in any direction regarding the issue? Thanks in advance.

I have no experience whatsoever with sending/receiving sms, so i can’t help you with that.

Regarding where to put your questions, I think the device specific forum is the best place.