Documentation for obsolete product WM1B_G1800


I have a bunch of new (but obsolete) GSM modems named “V.DOT ORIGO 1800” made by PC Card International. Inside there is a Wavecom module named WM1B_G1800, V8.03.
I would like to use those for sending SMS, but they won’t work with “normal” AT command sequences, and keep reporting error 302 when trying to set message center address.
Sometimes it’s possible to issue a +CMGS command and get OK, but nothing is sent. Have tried a later, but visually identical model Wavecom M1206B, and it works perfectly.

Does anyone have a command reference manual or some examples of working sequences for this specific model?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Ok, found out why it won’t send - It can’t read default message center address from phase 2 SIM!
Worked around by using pdu format, but does anyone have an idea how to set default service center address without using +CSCA command wich doesn’t seem to work?