+cms error: 302 q2686h 6.61


With firmware 6.61 on a Q2686H, almost all Short message Commands reply with:

With firmware 6.60 on exactly the same module and SIM card, these commands work without problems.
Repeated tests have been made to rule out temporary network problems.

As we have not received any FW 6.61 Release Note, it is not possible for us to see what changes have been made between the two versions that could possibly affect the behaviour.

The same SIM-card also works with the Short message commands on Q2400A, Q2406B and other modules.

Hardware Version 4.03
Production Date (W/Y): 15/2006
661_09gg.Q2686H 1925236 100506 11:13

What we would like to know is what Wavecom have “fixed” in 6.61 that completely breaks the Short message Commands, and what can be done to get them working again with 6.61.


Hi Tobias,

I used the exact same core firmware version with the commands AT+CMGS, AT+CMGR, AT+CMGD from an ADL application and I did not seem to have any problems with that…

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The problem seems to be a little more difficult than that to track down.

Testing with another SIM-card (different operator), the commands work fine in both 6.60 and 6.61.

But with the one I started testing with, it gives the mentioned error on 6.61, but not on 6.60 or on any other module we’ve tested.

I tried to check for differencies in various configurations between 6.60 and 6.61 but I can’t find anything that is different, and going through everything possible is just too time-consuming.
AT+WFM=2 give the exact same output for example.

The description on wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … or%20Codes
is not of much guidance either.


I have received word that this is due to an identified bug that has been fixed for the upcoming 662 firmware.

It is triggered by SIM-cards without SMS optional files, or SIM-cards that lack specific optional files. (Not sure exactly what that means :open_mouth: )


Actually, I did have that same problem yesterday, too, with a SIM card I have not previously used with the Q2686. Any ideas when 6.62 will be available?

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I’ve only heard that’s going to be available by end of march. So I suppose look for it by end of april :laughing:
Or contact your distributor and see if you can get your hands on a beta.

The corresponding OpenAT version will be 4.20 (unless that’s changed before release), but OpenAT 4.12 applications seem to work fine on it so I don’t think there’s going to be any problem in moving to 4.20.

Refer to ANO35887 in your contacts if you think it’s the same problem.

“When using a SIM without SMS optional files or when specific optional files are missing, the SMS commands respond an error, the user has no access to any SMS commands.”


Thanks so much for the information!!

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I have the same bug on the 6.61 with SIM cards from the Netherland (Tmobile and KPN).

Is it possible to add the missing file to the sim ??

I tried also with this cards to send sms with the 4.20 beta 6 (B62H09GG) but I receive every time CMS ERROR: 10 : Call barred : This cause indicates that the outgoing call barred service applies to the short message service for the called destination.

Someone knows how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

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