+CMS ERROR: 512,how to recover Q2687

Hi, guys
When I send sms via Q2687, I meet a error, the error code is 512, how can I recover my Q2687 modem?
Thanks for any help!

“+CMS ERROR:512” indicate ‘MM establishment failure’.
This error occurs when you try to send a message and the module is receiving another one at the same time. This causes a collision in the message transfer protocol resulting in failure in sending the SMS and hence, +CMS ERROR: 512.

How can I cancel the old sms which not send out, before I send new one?
Thanks for any advise!

Nobody know how to do? :frowning:

You just need to re-try the message

How to re-try? send any SMS via AT+CMGS command, aways return the same ERROR code 512.

Can I clean the unsend sms queues via AT command or ADL API. I am new, wish someone can help me!

Be the way,
My Q2687 firmware version : R71_00gg.Q2687G 2090888 041808 13:46

when my mode in the ERROR:512 status, it also can not recieve any SMS.

Is the modem correctly registered to the network?

Or does your provider have SMS service enabled for your account?

As previously noted, “+CMS ERROR:512” indicate ‘MM establishment failure’ - so it’s more likely to be something basic with the RF link than something “higher-level” like service options. :question:

If it was a service restriction, I think you’d get some other error than “+CMS ERROR:512” :question:

+CREG: 1,2

according the stat 2 return,
it is not registered, ME currently searching for a new operator. how to do?

before this ERROR, I can send SMS with the Q2687 modem, and I also can send SMS when I plug this SIM card into another Q2687 modem.

I check my Q2687 setting , it as following,
+CSCA: “+6596197777”,145

+CNMI: 2,1,1,2,0

+CMGF: 1


do u thinks any other wrong?

you mean these was a hardware problem or firmware exception? so now, it is not any good method to recover the modem, right?
should I flash the firmware?

I check the signal , it seems no problem, and can also connect network. the checking procedure as following,
+CSQ: 11,0

+COPS: 0,2,52501

+CIND: 4,1,0,0,0,0,0


Hi! Guys

I resolve the problem with WREGC command.

#then check registed status
+CREG: 1,1


now it is ok, Can send SMS successfully!

I had to look that one up:

Which does, indeed, fit the symptoms described - an ‘MM establishment failure’ makes perfect sense!

Thank Awneil for your nice analysis conclusion!