NMEA port,Windows Utility,USB Interface in MC7304

NMEA COM port of MC7304 is continuously printing the same messages and i am unable to perform any read and write operations.
For disabling these auto prints what should i do?
For windows i came to know that both air watcher and skylight are used I am in bit confusion both seems to be same and i would like to know the advanced one for Windows. Can you please let me know any supporting documents regarding DM and NMEA ports

  1. How can find that the modems USB connection established with PC is in Full Speed mode or in High Speed mode?
    2.If I want to change the speed what should i do ?
    3.Is there any tool or command for checking the data rate handling capacity?

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P S Reddy

NMEA port is used to get the NMEA frames when the GPS is enabled. If you don’t want there frames, then you can disable the GPS by AT!CUSTOM=“GPSENABLE”,0
To disable GPS frames, use AT!GPSNMEA

You can use skylight for windows. you will get the latest skylight version from http://source.sierrawireless.com/devices/mc-series/mc7304/

As such there are no specific documents for DM and NMEA, you can use these ports based on your requirements.
In general, NMEA is used for GPS and DM for logging.

As per the PTS, the device is designed for high speed mode. But it really depends on the host. Also please not that sierra wireless recommended to use high speed mode for the module. You can refer the PTS.