NMEA messages via at command on EM7305


first of all i want to mention that i’m realy new to at messages and the Airprime module, so i’m pleased with any help.

My question is: Is there a way to enable/disable specific NMEA messages when using the Airprime EM7305 GPS module?
I found an AT Command Reference document for MP 3G Modems which states, that there is an at command called !MPGPSNMEA to enable/disable the NMEA messages generate by the GPS Modul.
Does this command also work with the GPS modul of the EM7305? I couldn’t find that command or anything similar in the AT Command Reference for AirPrime Embedded Module
EM73xx/7655/8805. When trying to execute that command with my EM7305 i don’t get any error messages but it also seems like the command doesn’t have any effect on the NMEA output. The NMEA messages i’m trying to disable are still part of the NMEA stream.


I am not sure if it is available for EM7305 but in the AT command guide for MC73xx(very similar to EM73xx) series there is a command AT!GPSNMEASENTENCE that should be used to configure the messages.