Hi All,

Can someone please help me with the MC7304? I have managed to get the GPS working and sending NMEA data having followed several posts on here, thanks everyone for all the help on that side!

The problem I now face is that the GPS doesnt seem to work (ie accept AT Commands) if the modem is active?

I guess my first question on this topic is, can the MC7304 use GPS and the Modem at the same time or is it one or the other?

Thank you in advance,

You can use both at the same time, of course. You need to consider, though, that the TTY where you’re going to receive the NMEA traces may not be the same one where you send the AT commands to enable/disable GPS (i.e. you enable/disable GPS in the AT control port and you get the NMEA traces in a separate read-only TTY). I’m not sure I tried AT+NMEA via TTY in the MC7304 before, though.

Another option is to use the QMI protocol directly, e.g. the “QMI PDS” service, which will let you both start/stop GPS and get the NMEA traces directly over QMI messages.

thank you for the reply, really appreciate it.

At the moment i can use the ‘AT!GPSLOC?’ command to retrieve a GPS fix. I can also see that /dev/ttyUSB0 through /dev/ttyUSB5 are active but I do not know whioch one is sending NMEA data? It looks as though /dev/ttyUSB2 is used for AT Commands.

I think ive sent the required AT commands to enable NMEA stream.

is it possible send an nmea stream over a TCP connection?