newbie here needs help!!

where does a person get a rs232 cable for the fastrack supreme??? what a weird connector.

Can i buy that cable somewhere? :cry:


From a Wavecom Distributor!

Not at all; eg, … %3D1002317 … ge=General High Density ‘D’ Connectors#breadCrumb

as far as i can see here in canada there are no wavecom distributors?

this link on the wavecom site…is not even working…

are the wavecom products like a fastrack supreme still being sold or are these now discontinued?


u can make yourself such a cable ;

three clicks on the sierrawireless site:

this lists 3 distributors in canada.


ANy idea what the wiring schema would look like for such a cable? I cannot find one to buy anywhwere despite others are suggesting here.


The pinout for the connector is clearly shown in the Manual for the Fastrack

Google for fastrack supreme manual and you will find there the wiring.