Fastrack Supreme Documentation Improvement


I think that section 5.1.3 in the Fastrack Supreme User Guide can be improved to assist people setting up their device for the first time.

The documentation should focus on the cable between a DB9 (or a DB25) that most people have on their PC and the unusual wiring of the DB15 on the Fastrack.

Firstly, I understand that the cable is available from Wavecom or at least some distributors are providing this (the Australian one promotes this). This would save people a lot of time, as it is not easy soldering a DB15 and prone to error. Perhaps the user guide should recommend to buy a Wavecom cable (I was not aware until later that this existed).

Second, all the standard RS232 circuits must be connected. While the manual says that only Rx, Tx, RTS and CTS are mandatory; with Hyper Terminal, all 9 RS232 standard signals must be connected or the Fastrack will not respond. If you make a cable with just the mandatory 4 signals it will not work.

The wiring of the DB15 is unusual and should be included in the user guide documentation.

Finally, the troubleshooting section should be expanded so that if there is no response to the ATtention command, then the user should be advised to check that all 9 signals are connected on their cable.

I found out my mistake by reading a post on the developer forum, so I suspect that others have had the same issue.

The documentation is generally of a high standard throughout and lots of pride has gone into creating it - hopefully this suggestion will help a few others who might struggle to get the unit working propoerly at first.

Are you sure this isn’t down to your configuration of hypoterminal?

No kidding!
I prefer to use the connectors with insertable pins for this very reason!
See: … php?t=1728

What version of the User Guide do you have?

I have Revision 001e, 5 June 2007, and the 15-way connector’s pinout is fully described in Table 2 on pages 24-25

The RS232 signals are also described in 7.4.3 on p53

However, I do agree that diagrams showing the wiring for a “normal” 9- or 25-way ‘D’-type would be very helpful!

It is odd that there is no cable mentioned in the accessories list - maybe it’s not actually a Wavecom product, but sourced independently by distributors (as for its predecessors)…?

I think they should provide the cable along with the equipment… It would save us alot of time.

That would be down to your distributor - they should be able to supply the cable, if requested.

It should certainly be possible to order the modem without a cable; eg, the standard cable is not at all suitable for my application!