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Hello People

I’ve been trying to make my GSM Modem works, but I just can’t… I have the Wavecom Fastrack M1213A-ON / WM14226 (I don’t know what’s the model) and my data cable mysteriously disappear and I search on the web, but I can’t find any manual or diagram to build my own cable… can you help me on this???

Thanks :smiley:

Jorge L.

Hi tecnodata,
You can make own your cable by refer to the specification of the modem. You can get the specification from the wavecom website.


Thanks for the reply. I make a search on the website, but no luck. The only thing that I found was a PDF with some draws of the M1206B model… and in the page Nº 12 and 13 there’s an explanation of the Sub HD 15-pin connector… I’m gonna use that info… I will let you people know how it works…