Fastrack M1213A-ON Pin Out

I bought a Wavecom Fastrack model M1312A-ON but now I am stuck looking for the pinout to create the D15-to-D9 RS232 cable.

Anyone with the pinout for the D9-to-D15 RS232 cable?

  • The pinout of the 15-way connector is given in the User Guide;
  • The pinout for the 9-way connector on PC COM ports is standard

You should be able to take it from there…

I don’t have the User Guide for these model is it standard to other Wavecom devices?

First lesson to learn: never buy anything without the proper documentation!

Presumably, this means you didn’t buy it from a Wavecom distributor?

You can download the User Guide from the ‘Products’ section of the Wavecom site - it’s under ‘Obsolete Products