New FX30 Octave unit just powers-up solid red LED

Hi, first time post – Noob with FX30 Octave. Just received my unit from a disty to begin my prototype development to not get very far. Powered up for the unit which boots into a solid red LED, no other blinking LEDs or colours. Any suggestions as to what I may be overlooking? Using proper AC adapter and have not taken out the SIM card or made any other mods. Much thanks.

Straight-forward…just didn’t register a credit card to enable activation. Solved.

Hi Jason,

The FX30 Red LED indicates that the device has no cellular connection. It will turn green when the device acquires a cellular connection. The devices do not ship activated. If this is an Octave labeled FX30, you will need to sign up for an Octave account. In Octave you can provision and activate the device. An Octave branded device looks like the following.

If your device is labeled in this manner, navigate to this web site for more information.

If your device is not labeled “Octave”, I can send you a link where you can activate the device.

Octave is our Cloud Platform that will allow you to manage your Octave devices and provide you an easy to use solution to retrieve the device telemetry from the Octave Cloud platform.