Need help to choose AirPrime MC7710 and MC7304

Hi everyone here

I ve decided to upgrade my WWAN modem for Sony Vaio

cant make a choice

Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7710 and MC7304

Looking at official datasheet … dules.ashx

I practically see no difference!!!

I need the most versatile and factory unlocked modem working with as many LTE providers as possible for nowadays

Really need your help guys

I would strongly advise the MC7304 or its other modern siblings. I went through three MC7700s in my Vaio svz1311 notebook. They usually lasted for about a month each. My theory is that they overheat and lose the ability to transmit. Temp readings of 60 to 80 Celsius were not uncommon.

I wised up and installed an MC7355 which I bought from aliexpress. It runs very cool. With GPS and LTE going full tilt, temps never exceed 35 Celsius. GPS works fine too with Street & Trips 2013.

I expect this module to live a lot longer in my Vaio.

The support from Sierra Wireless is miserable though. I had to scrape drivers from the Getac website and manually muck with firmware files to get the latest SWI9x15C_05-series firmware.

MC7304 LTE 1800/2100/2600 MHz
MC7710 LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
This is the difference between them.

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So you buy some fake product with a Sierra-like logo from an unauthorized source and demand that Sierra provides out-of-the-ordinary support to you?

Please stop this nonsense. If you buy from proper Sierra Wireless distributors then you get excellent support from them. That’s how support is organized for these products.If you need firmware for your module then you should contact aliexpress about it.

The Sierra Wireless support is excellent. Please recognize that their distributor network is a major part of it.

Huh? Where did you get that information? The datasheet at … dules.ashx

gives the exact same LTE bands for both these modules (as well as the MC7305 which might be an option if you don’t need audio): 2100(B1),1800(B3), 2600(B7),900(B8), 800(B20)

I support the recommendation of the newer MC7304/MC7305. The MC7710 is stable as hell in my experience, but it is a generation older and the newer chips are more energy efficient.

I just added dl5162 to my foes list. Great feature of this board. The reason is that he is mean, posts nonsense and jumps to conclusions. The MC7355 I bought from Aliexpress is completely genuine. The price I paid is meaningfully lower but still in the same ballpark as the prices of distributors.

Also I am not asking for out-of-the-ordinary support. All I want is access to drivers and firmware and answers to basic questions. This is commonplace for products from Nvidia and other hardware manufacturers such as routers and optical drive manufacturers. Why Sierra Wireless has to treat firmware and drivers like state secrets, only accessible to party members, is a mystery to me.

This was an official vendor’s on ebay response
He mentioned that fact as de facto info