Sierra Wireless MC7304 on OS X

Hello everyone,

This is very simple I have been working with MC7710 on my OS X 10.9. It worked out of box so everything cool there.

Now I need to upgrade to MC7304 which is a newer model based on QUALCOMM MDM9215 but there seems to be no working drivers there.

Is there any view on OS X drivers for this MC card? I would greatly appreciate it. Any idea if SW is planning to make them?



This has been previously discussed internally and there are currently no plans to have OS X support for the MC73 series as we just have no call for it from our customer base. As you hav said somehow the 7710 worked out of the box which we found surprising so someone in Apple added the support which SWI had nothing to do with.

Only things I can suggest are to request apple to add support for the MC73 series (which is QMI only) or from what I understand Linux and OS X drivers are not so different, you could modify our drivers that we supply on a SharePoint. To get access to these you will need to go through your commercial channel.



Thank you very much for this information, it definitelly cleared many questions we had. :wink:

This brings one more question. What is the reason there are different FW based on carriers (T-mob, Verizon) for 7710 in USA? I can not find any reason except for blocking the MC users from using a different carriers SIM.

I need to get to this information before we spend effort and money on developing OS X drivers and even more importantly before we order thousands MC7304 units. My logic tells me that if I have a working driver MC7304 should be able to handle any SIM in USA. I know in EU it will, but there is always a catch with USA :slight_smile:

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We have to approve a combination of firmware (signalling) and PRI (operator provisioning configuration i.e. APN’s, bands, tech, etc) which we then have as a package for each operator. Because VzW and AT&T are so big in the US if you want to have an ‘approved’ application with them and be able to deploy with their SIM’s onto their network you need to use one of our approved combinations to get through their application approval process which itself is…er…difficult.

Technically we do not lock any of our units to specific operators as it is not them who are buying them (you are so free to do what you want), it is a (3GPP) requirement we have the capability in place. You can put any SIM in any of our units and it will work within the technical capabilities of the unit/firmware.

T mobile really only have the requirement to FCC and PTCRB which is regulatory requirement for us to get anyway but their coverage is not great.

In terms of getting around the above approvals, the only real way is to use a roaming SIM. The only sticking point here is with VzW and the CDMA network which gives significant coverage of parts of the US not covered by any other tech where I think you would need to use one of the new 3GPP2 UIM’s which is a new style SIM which supports credentials for both 3GPP (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/LTE) and CDMA (1xRTT, EVDO) networks.

Again hopefully that answers what you need.



Hi Matt,

Once more thank you very much. I aprretiate your time spent on these questions. Now I am not 100% sure if I get this correctly.

Is it true to say, that when I create a device free of any operator that is using MC7304, the good people in USA will be able to put any SIM inside of it and after setting correct APN etc. they will be able to connect to internet? (3G/4G)

I am asking once more, because the first paragraph you say you can not and in the second one you say you can. But you might have been talking about two different situations.

Thank you,



Sorry if the positing was a bit confusing.

Essentially the following applies

  • If you want to use AT&T/VzW SIM’s (which can only be obtained from them) you need to use one of our approved firmware/PRI file packages and go through their application approvals. This has to be done with the MC7354 as this has the bands and tech (3GPP/CDMA) for the US.
  • If you want to use a roaming SIM card technically you can use an MC7304 in the US although it is not certified from a regulatory point of view but it would also not be able to use any of the LTE networks because it does not support the right bands. It would only be able to get onto the AT&T/T mobile 3G networks.
  • If you want to use a roaming SIM with the MC7354 them technically it will work but you need to check with your provider that a) they have a roaming agreement with all of the US networks b) the SIM cards they supply support the profiles required to attach to the VzW CDMA network in addition to the LTE one.

Typically the MVNO’s who can meet the above conditions such as Koretelematics will also require you to go through the approvals process on VzW’s behalf.

Hopefully thats a bit clearer? It is a complicated subject to explain on a forum as we are constrained by so many things




Thank you, this was clear. I was a bit missinformed and under impression that MC7304 could cover USA. Now I see that is totally wrong and simply not true. MC7304 does not even have bands for US…

So if US, than only MC7354 and for every operator a different FW. That is very stupid tbh. but I know it is not your fault. The FW can only be loaded by SW itself?

As far as EU is consirned? Which MC would you recommend? I guess MC7354 will not do, that would be too good :slight_smile:

I hope you understand my questions. What I knowis, that SW is the company, that can supply us with what we need. But at the same time quantity makes good price and having different devices splits the quantity hence the price is worse, than the end device is more expencive and noone is happy, not us not SW (with low sale).

I guess this is often occuring problem. Btw. is there any chance of getting together via skype for example? I guess it would be more effective for me.

Thank you!


For Europe/Asia it is the MC7304 and we have a generic release which will work with most operators for this (

Re official support you really need to go through your commercial channel to obtain this.




Thank you very much for your answears. If by commecial channel you mean SW representative for Central Europe, than I am in contact with them, but they know little about the USA situation, so I tried direct source of information. I hate middleman communication.

Thanks anyways I appretiate all the time you gave me :slight_smile:

Have nice day!

One little extra question. I believe it is so, but making sure.

7354 driver will work for th whole 73xx series. It is the same chip is it not?



Yes the units have a single VID/PID (which you can change if you want) but as you have stated there is a single driver across the entire MC73 range of products.