Need advice on configuration for GX400 serial comm


I need to setup a monitoring system as follows:

PC-1 connected to GX400 through USB-Serial cable connection
PC-2 connected to GX400 through USB-Serial cable connection

I have setup a VPN connection as the software I am using requires. However, I am not able to establish communication between the 2 points.

I have tried a direct connection between the 2 PCs serial end, and is able to establish the communication.

So I tested using ethernet connection between PC and GX400, I am able to ping the other device. But when I switched to the serial connection and removed the ethernet connection, I am not able to ping the other point.

Can anyone provide advice how to setup the GX400 for this scenario. Also, how can I troubleshoot where went wrong. I have attached the configuration for the device below.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

continue from previous message:

	<menu name="Actions">
		<section name="Action 1">
			<item msciid="21901" title="Action Name" value="" />
			<item msciid="21201" title="Action Type" value="0" />
			<item msciid="21301" title="Email To" value="" />
			<item msciid="21401" title="Email Subject" value="" />
			<item msciid="21501" title="Email Message" value="" />
			<item msciid="21801" title="Body Type" value="ASCII" />
			<item msciid="25301" title="Phone Number" value="" />
			<item msciid="25501" title="SMS Message" value="" />
			<item msciid="25201" title="Relay Type" value="1" />
			<item msciid="11703" title="Report Server IP Address" value="" />
			<item msciid="11704" title="Server Port" value="22339" />
			<item msciid="11718" title="Minimum Report Time(seconds)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="11705" title="SNF for Unreliable Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="11708" title="SNF Reliable Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="11709" title="SNF Simple Reliable Maximum Retries" value="10" />
			<item msciid="11701" title="SNF Simple Reliable Backoff Time(seconds)" value="10" />
			<item msciid="21601" title="Data Group" value="NOTSET" />
<page name="Serial">
	<menu name="Port Configuration">
		<section name="Port Configuration">
			<item msciid="1043" title="Startup Mode Default" value="00" />
			<item msciid="1159" title="Configure Serial Port" value="9600,8N1" />
			<item msciid="1160" title="Flow Control" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1125" title="DB9 Serial Echo" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1046" title="Data Forwarding Timeout (.1 second)" value="5" />
			<item msciid="1047" title="Data Forwarding Character" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1081" title="Device Port" value="9191" />
			<item msciid="1045" title="Destination Port" value="9191" />
			<item msciid="1044" title="Destination Address" value="" />
			<item msciid="1201" title="Default Dial Mode" value="P" />
			<item msciid="10243" title="Host Authentication Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10244" title="PPP User ID" value="" />
		<section name="Advanced">
			<item msciid="1089" title="Assert DSR" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1090" title="Assert DCD" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1079" title="Use CTS" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1165" title="DTR Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1028" title="Quiet Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1027" title="AT Verbose Mode" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1033" title="Call Progress Result Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1100" title="Convert 12 digit Number to IP Address" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1031" title="Disable ATZ Reset" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1799" title="IP List Dial" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10295" title="Keep Alive Mode" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10296" title="Keep Alive delay" value="10" />
		<section name="TCP">
			<item msciid="1048" title="TCP Auto Answer" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1049" title="TCP Connect Timeout (seconds)" value="30" />
			<item msciid="1050" title="TCP Idle Timeout" value="5" />
			<item msciid="1037" title="TCP Idle Timeout Unit" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1051" title="TCP Connect Response Delay (seconds)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="2755" title="Include Device ID on TCP Connect" value="0" />
			<item msciid="2756" title="Device ID Prefix" value="" />
			<item msciid="2757" title="Device ID Suffix" value="" />
			<item msciid="2758" title="Send CR LF after Device ID" value="0" />
		<section name="UDP">
			<item msciid="1054" title="UDP Auto Answer" value="2" />
			<item msciid="1055" title="UDP Idle Timeout (seconds)" value="50" />
			<item msciid="1040" title="UDP Connect Last" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1041" title="Allow Any Incoming IP" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1042" title="Allow All UDP" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1039" title="UDP Auto Answer Response" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1036" title="Dial UDP Always" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1052" title="UDP Serial Delay (.1 second)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10297" title="UDP Keepalive (seconds)" value="0" />
		<section name="PPP">
			<item msciid="1142" title="Device PPP IP" value="" />
			<item msciid="1143" title="Host PPP IP" value="" />
		<section name="PassThru">
			<item msciid="1102" title="Passthrough Init Refresh (minutes)" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1099" title="Device Reset Period (hours)" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1103" title="Passthrough Echo" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1030" title="Disable AT Escape" value="0" />
		<section name="Telemetry-MODBUS">
			<item msciid="1795" title="Variable Type" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1796" title="Variable Offset" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1797" title="Variable Length" value="1" />
			<item msciid="1798" title="Variable Mask (hex)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1794" title="Radio Keying Enabled" value="0" />
	<menu name="MODBUS Address List">
		<section name="">
			<table name="Address List"> 
				<row num="1">
					<item msciid="1857" title="Address Entry" value="10=" />
	<menu name="LED Indicator">
		<section name="">
			<item msciid="10115" title="Display" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10116" title="Serial Port" value="0" />
<page name="Applications">
	<menu name="Data Usage">
		<section name="General">
			<item msciid="6502" title="Usage Monitoring" value="0" />
			<item msciid="25021" title="Plan Units" value="1" />
		<section name="Daily Limit">
			<item msciid="25005" title="Daily Limit (MB)" value="" />
		<section name="Monthly Limit">
			<item msciid="25007" title="Monthly Limit Units" value="0" />
			<item msciid="25006" title="Monthly Limit (in units as specified above)" value="" />
			<item msciid="25004" title="Start Of Billing Cycle (Day Of Month)" value="1" />
	<menu name="Garmin">
		<section name="">
			<item msciid="1326" title="Garmin Device Attached" value="0" />
	<menu name="ALEOS Application Framework">
		<section name="General">
			<item msciid="10250" title="ALEOS Application Framework" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10120" title="Serial Port Reserved" value="0" />
			<item msciid="10125" title="QCOM DM Port Resource Reserve" value="0" />
		<section name="Installed AAF Applications">
			<item msciid="65100" title="Installed AAF Applications" value="" />
<page name="I/O">
	<menu name="Current State">
		<section name="">
			<item msciid="859" title="Relay Output 1" value="0" />
	<menu name="Configuration">
		<section name="">
			<item msciid="861" title="Relay 1 Initial Setting" value="0" />
<page name="Admin">
	<menu name="Advanced">
		<section name="">
			<item msciid="1188" title="Default Configuration Reset" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1161" title="Status Update Address" value="" />
			<item msciid="1162" title="Status Update Period (seconds)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1176" title="Periodic Reset Timer (hours)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1180" title="Time of Day (ToD) Reset: Reset Interval (days)" value="0" />
			<item msciid="1189" title="ToD Reset: Time Zone Offset from UTC" value="-7" />
			<item msciid="1182" title="ToD Reset: Hour of day when Reset occurs" value="1" />
			<item msciid="10288" title="Reset Mode" value="1" />
	<menu name="Log">
		<section name="Configure Logging">
			<table name="Logging"> 
				<row num="1">
					<item msciid="17501" title="Sub System" value="0" />
					<item msciid="17001" title="Verbosity" value="6" />
					<item msciid="17101" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="2">
					<item msciid="17502" title="Sub System" value="1" />
					<item msciid="17002" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17102" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="3">
					<item msciid="17503" title="Sub System" value="2" />
					<item msciid="17003" title="Verbosity" value="6" />
					<item msciid="17103" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="4">
					<item msciid="17504" title="Sub System" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17004" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17104" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="5">
					<item msciid="17505" title="Sub System" value="4" />
					<item msciid="17005" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17105" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="6">
					<item msciid="17506" title="Sub System" value="5" />
					<item msciid="17006" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17106" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="7">
					<item msciid="17507" title="Sub System" value="6" />
					<item msciid="17007" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17107" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="8">
					<item msciid="17508" title="Sub System" value="7" />
					<item msciid="17008" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17108" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="9">
					<item msciid="17509" title="Sub System" value="8" />
					<item msciid="17009" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17109" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="10">
					<item msciid="17510" title="Sub System" value="9" />
					<item msciid="17010" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17110" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="11">
					<item msciid="17511" title="Sub System" value="10" />
					<item msciid="17011" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17111" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="12">
					<item msciid="17512" title="Sub System" value="11" />
					<item msciid="17012" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17112" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
				<row num="13">
					<item msciid="17513" title="Sub System" value="12" />
					<item msciid="17013" title="Verbosity" value="3" />
					<item msciid="17113" title="Display in Log?" value="1" />
			<item msciid="17100" title="Linux Syslog" value="0" />

Have you involved your reseller in this project? This seems like something that you may want to work closely with the reseller on, so they can verify the concept and design, and you can send your templates to them directly. This is exactly what they’re there for :slight_smile: