Multiplexing method has changed since the last Q24XX series

I am currently working on the software 657_09gg.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44, the 6.57 runs with a Q2406 module, because i am still waiting for the new modules to be delivered.
It appears that the multiplexing method between AT commands and DATA is changed :

  • old system (6.41 firmware)
    AT Commands begin with header 0xAA
    Data begin with header 0xDD
  • new system (6.57 firmware)
    AT Commands begin with header 0xAA
    Data are flushed after the AT event “WIPDATA”…

This is bad because the old Q24XX users need to rewrite their software…

Do you know if this multiplexing system will be kept in the last released version of the firmware ?


Version 657 firmware have problem on WMUX. I know Wavecom is working on this. Or you may try the +CMUX multiplexing protocol.


I have this Q2403A modules that I want to write a new script to, but I cant because I need an access code on the string AT&KMMION=?? (and here goes the 8digit access code)

Can anybody please help me crack this, beacause I purchased all these modules and now I cant write to them without the code.